bhootnath bhajji prasad

The much maligned Bhajji and Sree Shanth make their bollywood debut in this caper that can at the best be described as an amateur movie.

The movie is set in an ancient fort near Pune. Bhajji, the ghost of a dead sailor, is a permanent resident here. A naughty ghost, bhajji gets his kicks from frightening tourists.

The trouble beings when one day a college picnic team including shree shanth vists the fort. Bhajji tries to do his usual tricks on sree and team, but fails to do so. Instead sree takes over and needles the ghost. He even mocks bhajji and starts dancing like a snake on steroids. The frustrated ghost in a fit of anger slaps shree shanth. To make matters worse the ghurkha of the fort (steve bucknor) witnesses the whole event.

Bhajji then assembles his gang of ghosts and declares war on Sree shanth and team. But unknown to bhajji is the fact that sree is actually an alien from the zorcon galaxy. He is here with an agenda of his own. He wants to kidnap Bangalore royal challengers'(RCs) cheer girl Cat-reena and take her back to his home planet. The rcs, who are not even able defend their pyjammas, are also unaware of this fact. Sree shanth challenges the royal challengers to win one match in the ongoing ipl series, to save catreena.

A evil dictator (Lalit moody) who has misplaced his million dollar langot and a confused vegetable vendor, who thinks he is a wrestler (Ravi Shastry), and a priest searching for spiritual peace (salman khan) complete the story.

What happens to the bhajji-sree feud? Will the royal challengers be able to save their cheer leader?(i doubt this) and what shocking news does steve bucknor bring? To find out, watch the movie.


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