Wanted: a nanny for BCCI

Fed up of unacceptable player behavior, the Bored of Controlling Cricket in India (BCCI) has finally decided to crack the whip. In what could be called as the first fallout of the Bhajji-Sree fracas, BCCI has decided to appoint a nanny for disciplining the Indian cricket team.

"I am fed up of these cricketers behaving like politicians and two-year olds. Let them behave responsibly if they have to play for the country," Sharad Power, BCCi chief told this site in an exclusive interview today. Power said that the Nanny will be given full disciplinary powers, including that of establishing check-in-check-out timings, mediating in fights and spanking and canning, if needed. The nanny will be fully responsible for off field behavior of the players and she can take any step in the regard.

The new nanny will be introduced towards the end of the current IPl season.BCCI is also planning to ask the nanny to monitor the players' internet usage and also the type of programs that the famed cricketers are watching.

Apparently the Bored is worried that many of the players have been watching too much wrestling matches off late. BCCI is also worried about the negative influence that politicians have been having on the players. It has already banned players from watching the live telecasts of parliamentary proceedings on TV. But when contacted, spokesperson of the Political Association of India, Nutwar Singh pooh-poohed all claims of political influence on the players. "I may thrash my opponent and even tear his clothes apart-but that’s as far as I would go; no slapping or pushing," he said.

Several names are doing rounds for the Nanny's role. The players are in favor of roping in someone like Mandira Bedi, while the bored wants to hire someone the likes of Mayawathi, Renuka Choudary or Uma Bharati, all of whom have expressed their desire to straighten the boys. So kaun bangeha BCCI nanny? We will reveal the name soon.


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