A shocking book indeed...

The book is set in the year is 3360. Human beings have been wiped out from the face of the earth, thanks to a meteor strike that happened more than a century and a half ago. A small group of survivors had managed to leave the earth in a spaceship to find a hospitable planet in another galaxy (thanks to wormholes. Generations later a team of these neo-humans return to the earth to survey it.

They find a completely changed planet. All the continents have fused to form a super continent. Antarctica, covered by ice in the 21st century is now a tropical paradise, filled with lush green forests and meandering rivers. North America resides on the north pole and is nothing but a cold desert with miles of ice. India is also near North America, where Canada once existed.

Mammals have all but disappeared except for an evolved form of rats. Elephant sized mosquitoes are all over the place and bamboos with motile leaves are the dominant vegetation. The competition for food is intense as plants have also developed mobility and constantly hunt animals and insects for food.

Towards the end of their mission, one of the team members decides to carry a fossilized mosquito with him. His plan is to extract the blood and uncode the DNA sequence to recreate a human being from the 21st century. He is however unaware that this mosquito used to live near the Indian parliament and therefore has got preserved blood of various politicians in its gut.

The neo-human beings in their new home planet have reached the zenith of moral and cultural evolution and do not have any politicians anymore. Such lowlife does not fit into their scheme of things anymore. There is no religion, no caste and nothing to divide the folks in their peaceful planet.

What happens when the amateur scientist unleashes evil politicians on the planet? Will the politicians take over the planet? What happens to the social structure of the planet, will it crumble under the weight of the bribe heavy politicians? Read the book to find out.


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