Parliamentary Wrestling Federation

Parliamentary Wrestling Federation takes off

With a eye on grabbing eyeballs and resolving some of the most "pressing issues" before parliament, the Indian government has decided to launch the Parliamentary Wrestling Federation.

The federation will give MPs a chance to thrash their opponents in the ring over a freestyle bout and resolve issues of contention among members. The ring will be set up in the central hall of parliament and will help members go beyond words and take matters in their own hands - literally. All bouts will be organized at designated hours and the time needed will be carved out from the existing question hour, which will now extend to just 20 minutes. During this time, all questions for the day will be raised and if the concerned minster wishes, he can give a verbal or written reply or let his punches do the talking. However, if the member is not satisfied with the reply given by the minister, he can challenge the former for a round in the ring.

The wrestling bouts will also be used to resolve the usual deadlock that parliament suffers every now and then. On issues which the government and opposition don't see eye-to-eye. Each party can nominate an MP who will challenge his opponent from the other side to a duel. The winning team will have the final say in the matter.

PWF spokesperson designate, Nut-war Singh is already an excited man. He has started approaching TV channels for arranging live broadcasts of the no-holds-barred wrestling matches. "If you thought that IPL got all the money, you haven't seen everything. We will be much bigger than them. Each MP will be wearing sponsor logos and the winner will get to display his advertisers logos for a whopping 55 seconds.

Needless to say, MPs are raring to have a go. Two-time(ing) MP Pungee Lal says "the last time I wanted to tear my opponent apart, but all I could do was split his langot and it was quite frustrating. This time I will make sure that I will achieve my goal, thanks to PWF." Various wrestling federations in the US have been approached to suggest ways to spice up the bouts and also set the rules for the contests.


Apple said…
On issues which the government and opposition don't see eye-to-eye one issue when they see eye to eye..
Prayukth said…
"increasing the perks for yem pees" :)

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