India threatens to unlesh Puppy Lahiri

India is finally talking tough with China. Learn what the country is doing to counter the dragon on its Eastern frontier.

Border violations, non-cooperation at international fora, illegal claims on Indian territory and what not? Fed up with the growing belligerent posture adopted by China, India has threatened to post alleged music director and fashion i-con Puppy Lahiri as its ambassador to Beijing.

Sources have told this site that the matter was under "active consideration" at highest echelons within the government and that the same has been conveyed to the Chinese. The move, having the blessings of the PMO, is being made to check China's growing recklessness in its relationship with India.

Puppy lahiri, when contacted was ecstatic about the development."Yes, I have been approached and I have given my consent. I feel that with my musical charms, I can enamor the Chinese into submission,” he said. The real reason however seems to be the type of music Puppyda has been churning in the last few years. Indian government, apparently, wants to leverage that to harass the Chinese government.

A top official in the external affairs ministry confirmed the move saying "Puppy will be moved to Beijing soon, if the Chinese don’t mend their ways". China has meanwhile declined to comment on the issue. Unofficially however, it has conveyed its sense of "deep apprehension" over the move. Beijing is planning to summon the current Indian ambassador to convey its displeasure. "We won’t accept Puppy into our country and that’s final," an official in the Chinese Foreign ministry told this site.

An excited Puppy is waiting to go to Beijing. "I will teach them my famous songs and train them to dance better than Maieheal(sic)," he said. Puppy has been selected from a rooster of shortlisted candidates including big names like Devil Gowda, Amar Sing and film maker Mahesh Rutt. BCCI had recomended sending Harbhajan singh, but the Indian government had apprehensions about his "doosra side".


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