E-comic zones

In a bid to encourage freedom of expression through art and cinema, the Indian government has decided to open up e-comic zones. These zones, to be modeled on the lines of the special economic zones, e-comic zones will allow movie makers, social analysts, musicians,artists and others to showcase their work without being harrassed by unruly mobs, politicians or anti-social elements.

Elaborating on the development, minister for Misinformation and Fraudcasting, Priyaranjan ________ said "theaters, cinema halls, culture centers and exhibition halls can be declared as Special e-comic Zones. For this the owner has to apply to the ministry". Once a hall or a center is declared as a SEZ, special rules will apply to that place. Law enforcement agencies cannot enter the area without special permits and entry for people will also be severely restricted. Entry will be regulated by the owner and will be solely decided by him. Such centers will be permitted to screen controversial movies, works of art, dramas, musical functions etc. No political activity will be allowed inside such areas and policemen will be guarding all entry and exit points at all times. Permits for SEZs will be valid for a varying period between 1 month to 3 years. Cinema halls for example can apply for a SEZ license for a period of 30 days to screen a controversial movie.

According to ____________, such a move will allow citizens to express themselves without fearing any reprisal from anti-social elements. Director Mahesh Hutt is all excited about SEZs. "I will be screening all my forthcoming movies only in SEZs," he said. "My next movie is about a alien falling in love with a earth girl and how both come to terms with an angry society on earth and the home planet of the alien. This movie will ceretainly be controversial and the SEZs will ensure that the screening is not disrupted at any stage by unruly elements," he added. When reminded that his movies are only watched by a handful of people, Mahesh jumped of his couch and threatened to show his last three movies to this journalist.


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