Download the new virtual Olympics game

The word is out on the street. Virtual gaming major Illintendo has launched its latest game series themed on the recent Tibetan protests against the Chinese government.

The game to be launched next week will present users with varied difficulty levels with the ultimate objective being to disrupt the Beijing Olympics. On entering the virtual world, the player dons the avtar of a monk determined to irritate the Chinese government.

In the first level, the monk has to lead a mob and storm the Chinese embassy in a foreign country and replace the Chinese flag with a Tibetan one. The flag swap has to be done swiftly by avoiding the local cops.
After clearing this round, for the next level, the player has to easting's the Olympic torch and pour water over Beijing's flame of passion. In the next round, the player lands in the Chinese capital and has to disrupt the opening ceremony of the games. In this round, the player is pitted against the merciless peoples liberation army folks who kill people like flies.

In the final level, the player has to disguise himself as a Olympics participant, go to the middle of a game and snatch a medal while holding aloft the Tibetan flag. In every level, the player has to escape without being caught, jailed, tortured or even killed.

Game enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of this game. China has already banned the game(without awaiting its actual release). An official from the Chinese external affairs ministry, while dismissing the game, claimed that such games were devised by "evil empty minds".


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