Commies will carry the Olympic torch in India

Commies will go to any length to please China

In a move designed to please his Chinese masters, commie general secretary, Prakash Carrot wants to carry the Olympic torch during the Indian leg of its journey. Carrot has said that he will not only carry the torch, but also ensure that no one harms it or disrupts the run.

Carrot has already issued a warning to all Tibetans, saying that he will personally deal with anyone who tries to act smart during the event. He has directed all commie cadres in the country, including the meawists, to ensure that the torch passes peacefully from the country. When reminded of China's human rights record, carrot virtually pounced on the journalist and had to be pulled back. Carrot claimed that some anti-china war mongers were behind all such rumors. "China has an impeccable human rights record and they treat their citizens with great care, which is the reason why many of them are being looked after in government jails and political amendment camps", said carrot.

Condemning Baichung Bhutia, Carrot said that the talented footballer had much to learn from people like Amir and Saif, who have agreed to carry the torch around. "When fimli folks don't have any problem, why should footballers have problems," wondered carrot.

Carrot and his 'commierats' will be guarding the flame during its stay in India. He has also asked the UPA government to allow him to make speeches about china at various points enroute. Carrot is already a special invitee to the Olympics and it is said that the top commie would be honored at the event.


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