Kaun bangea Abhi-Neta

Read about the most funny and interesting game ever devised....

From the makers of ‘Are you smarter than an Amoeba’ and ‘Who wants to fly million-air’, comes a new show to identify and nurture budding political talent in India. The show, called ‘Kaun Banega Abhi-Neta', involves around 200 budding politicians drawn out for various parts of the nation. Each participant has to clear around 10 levels, with each level presenting a different challenge. Every level tests the contestant’s slimy skills and determines whether he has what it takes to succeed.

In the first level, called divide and rule, the participant is introduced to a group of around 20 people. The contestant has to spilt the group along caste, religion and regional lines and make them vote for him.

For the next level, the contestant is placed with a group of contractors, who want to have their tenders cleared. The challenge for the contestant is to derive maximum bribe from the contractor for the work and clear the project, without attracting unwarranted attention. If the contestant clears this round, he enters the third level, where a fake warrant is issued against the contestant and he is arrested. The challenge in this round is to contest elections from the jailhouse and win. The voters again are drawn in from the audience and the contestant has to convince the voters that “gross injustice” has been committed and that he has been framed.

In the next round, the contestant has to take up a profitable illegal activity like human trafficking, raising questions for money, diverting funds from MPLADS etc. He has to do this while being watched by a nosy group from the audience.
The level of difficulty increases with each level and the survivors are pitted against each other directly in the final round. Here, the contestants have to use every dirty trick in the book to defeat his opponent. This could include digging up info on uncomfortable events from his personal life, threaten him, disrupt his campaign etc…

The winner will be given a party ticket by a national party and asked to contest from a “safe seat”. Unlike the recent campaign ran by a newspaper, the winner here is assured of a seat in parliament and becomes an instant politician (if he isn’t one already).


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