TRAI: telecom watchdog or corporate lapdog?

TRAIing the wrong number
Increasing telemarketing calls, inflated bills, deficient service and what not. This is what is happening in one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. Our correspondent Rajcreep caught up with Mr. Doorbash, Chairman of the so called telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI. Doorbash gives some interesting and shocking insight into the way in which this organization functions. Here is the exclusive interview.

RS: Indian mobile and landline users may be among the most unsatisfied customers in the world. On one hand they put up with inflated bills and inefficient service on the other and TRAI seems to be least bothered. Care to explain?

DB: I don’t think you understand the situation at all. We have our own priorities you see we can’t allow the industry to bleed…

RS: Bleed? What do you mean by that? The head of a major private sector mobile entity has become a billionaire over the last few years, stake sales are raking in billions of dollars and should I also remind you of the crores that these telecos are pumping into lavish ads?

DB: I understand; what I was referring to was the fact that our priorities lie with the people who feed and cloth us. Telecos top this list followed by the government and we don’t get a penny from the customers, so why should we be bothered about them? Besides, the government will definitely not take care of the telecos and someone has to step in right, and the customers can take care of themselves.

RS: This means that the telecos actually bribe you, the regulator, so that you can actually pass recommendations favorable for their business? That's a big shame.

DB: Its not as bad as it sounds…these folks have the money and we have the power and it is inevitable that the twain shall meet.

RS: Aren’t you even bothered by the fact that these telecos are cheating customers? Are you even aware that these telecom service providers sell the database of their customers, including personal information, to other companies?

DB: I not able to hear you. Could you repeat the question?

RS: Yes, you will never be able to hear the voiceless customer at the end of the spectrum.

DB: look, it’s not like I don’t get these pesky telemarketing calls. In fact, I got a call from a bank while I was driving and crashed into a tree. Also, once I was lost in a jungle near Bangalore and could not call anyone as there was no signal. Further, I have got inflated bills on so many occasions that I don’t even remember. When I, the head of TRAI, can put up with all this, why can the ordinary subscribers?

RS: Are you even aware of a segment called direct-to-home service that comes under your jurisdiction? Are you aware that the two leading DTH operators in the country are looting customers all the way with fraudulent schemes and bogus packages? What are you doing about this?

DB: Oh, that's interesting. How come these folks are operating without paying us? Please share the full details with me. I am sure that this will become a new revenue stream for all of us at TRAI.

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