Sarkozy-Carla in an Indian movie

The Sarkozy-Carla affair
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the man of the moment, is riding a wave of media attention and undiluted love from his arm candy Carla Bruni. During his recent visit to India, Sakozy spoke to Taran Johar about his love life, presidency and the things that go booo in the night. Presenting Sarkozy on Toffee with Taran.

TJ: Welcome Mr. President it is an honor to have you here with us. Do you feel that your recent visit has helped cement bilateral relations?

NS: I am afraid not, in fact Carla is pretty upset with the local media in your country.

TJ: and why would that be?

NS: your papers started racking up issues like protocol and all that to discourage Carla from coming here. She was quite worked out about the whole thing and felt that people here didn’t like her visit. So our relationship did indeed suffer due to the whole thing.

TJ: I was speaking about the Indo-France ties…

NS: Oh that…yes yes, this visit will boost our ties besides, as long as you have the Taj and I have an arm candy, I will be visiting India.

TJ: Most French presidents before you have kept their personal lives a secret. However, you seem to be at ease flaunting your love and basking in reflected glory.

NS: Quite true. But none of them had girlfriends as hot as Carla (starts sniggering). I pity those poor souls.

TJ: Your approval rating has dipped to 41 percent and the opposition Socialists are seeing the municipal elections in March as a referendum on your presidency.

NS: Hmm… that's indeed sad; but nothing to worry I will bounce back.

TJ: so you plan to go to the people and explain yourself and launch a media blitz?

NS: No silly, I will marry Carla, that's all.

TJ: How will that help?

NS: See first of all, the women who feel that I am flirting with Carla will then realize that I am all for commitment (that will win em over). Secondly, there are guys who are hoping that I would resign and then Carla would then leave me and move on and then they may get a chance to date her. By marrying Carla, I will take care of both these set of jokers and then my approval ratings would automatically go up as these people won’t have any reason to oppose me

TJ: You are a clever devil aren’t you?

NS: When you are dating Carla, you cannot afford to let your guard down.

TJ: Any words for Indian politicians?

NS: when you have the guts to love someone, why don’t you come out and admit it? Most of my Indian friends in high places have girl friends, but wont admit. This is the difference between me and them. Why don’t they also flaunt their glamorous girl friends…I mean the members of your parliament behave, it seems that most of them are nothing but deadwood (which may be actually true). I will be the happiest one when an Indian minister visits France with his girlfriend but, that's still a long way to go.

TJ: Is it true that you have been offered a role in an Indian movie by director Myhesh Rut?

NS: he is doing an international remake of some Indian film called Dhevdash and wants me to play the lead role. I am supposed to be a drunk lover whose girl friend belongs to an alien race that wants to take over the world. The movie is about how my love wins her and her race over…

TJ: Thank you Mr. President for being with us tonight and as promised here are your toffees.

NS: the pleasure is all mine...can I borrow some toffees for Carla?

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Apple said…
well..some1is totaly head over heels 4carla...
and i guess he has a PRETTY reason to be.. :)

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