Bucknor a scarecrow???

Bowing in to pressure from millions of cricket fans in India, ICC has agreed to deport Steve bucknor to India. A decision to this effect was taken at a emergency meeting organized by the International Chappar Council in Dubai today.

Bucknor, it may be recalled, had gone into hiding after his valiant efforts helped Australia win the second test at Sydney. He was caught some days ago dressed as a scarecrow wandering around a corn field on the outskirts of Sydney. Bucknor was discovered when he tried to tease some Indian fans, who had come to the farm to relax after the stressful match.

Initially, they thought that the scarecrow was a dummy one and ignored it. However, soon the two fans were in for a shock when the scarecrow gave out a chuckle when Tendulkar’s name was mentioned. The shocked duo then saw the scarecrow come alive and shower profanities on the Indian team. Recovering from this initial fright, the Indian duo went in for a closer look and found that the guy was none other than duckbucknor. Apparently the kangaroo cricket board was hiding him in a wormhole (ala Saddam in Iraq) to save him from angry Indian fans. Bucknor only used to come out to soak in some sun in the guise of a scarecrow.

When the fans realized that this was not a scarecrow but a donkey in disguise, they pounced on him and started raining blows left, right and top. Within minutes the scarecrow bucknor was thrashed to a pulp. After the thrashing, they tied him up and transported him to a nearby police station in a garbage can full of refuse (it was hard to differentiate bucknor form the pile of rubbish.

Once bucknor is handed over to India, he will be taken to a special prison camp in jhumrithaliya where he will be shown over 25 Mithun flops back to back, followed by a 25 hour on making blockbusters by Dev Anand and Musharraf’s recorded speeches on democracy and enlightened moderation. The guru of commentary navjoke piddu will then give him a non-stop lecture on cricket for the next 52 hours. After all this, ISRO will take over and dump this in-human waste of protoplasm in a low earth polar synchronous orbit where bucknor will circumnavigate the earth once every 36 hours.


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