More moles per litre

As Jaswant Singh gets caught in a fresh controversy, our correspondent Doorknob Ghostsawme meets the former external affairs minister and gets the low down on his latest adventure. As usual, the mole man had a few familiar culprits to blame for the whole hullabaloo.

DG: What’s this we hear about your serving drugs to your guests?

JS: mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble

DG: sorry, forgot to put on the JS mumble translator. (Switches on device)Yeah, now could you please repeat what you just said?

JS: I said we were just having a rave party, if that's a crime. We all have parties at our place so what’s the big deal if we had served a few cracks?

DG: you serve cocaine and you say that you didn’t do any crime?

JS: I never served cocaine. I just said I served cracks. By crack I mean some crack legislators, who were not ready to support my son’s claim to be the future CM of Rajasthan.

DG: So how did the whole thing become such a big controversy?

JS: I know that this was the handy work of a few congress moles who were present in that party.

DG: Oh come on Mr Singh, I thought we left the moles behind in your last book ‘A call to honor’?

JS: No, these moles are still around. They are still trying to bring dishonor to my name and that of the party.

DG: Can you name them?

JS: These are big moles and one of them had access to the PMO. He was a top gun with a beard and used to wear trousers and formal suits for meetings. He has two children and a house in a posh area of a big city in India. Boy!! I guess I have revealed too much.

DG: Can you NAME them?

JS: These moles will be revealed in my next book…A call to moaner

DG: How many moles are there in your life?

JS: Too many to count.

DG: Is it true that you have been offered a Hollywood movie alongside Steven Seagal?

JS: Yes, the movie is called mole searching and the shooting will begin sometime early next year. Me and Seagal are cast as agents of an trans-national mole busting team. Our task is to expose terrorist moles hiding in Interpol. The movie studio will spend a whooping amount on special effects to show me talking normally, instead of my usual mumbling self.

DG: So in the end the moles are revealed, right?

JS: No, to know the ending, the audience will have to wait for my next to next book.

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