Benazir on Toffee with Taran

Benazir on Toffee with Taran

Tonight on Toffee with Taran, the only and only Pakistani drama queen Benazir Futto joins the show. In this exclusive interview, Benazir speaks about politics in Pukistan, her future plans and of course her excellent knowledge of the nuances of Urdu.

Taran: Many thanks for joining us mam. So how is the situation in Pakistan now?

Benazir: Manyien demands kuboool kiye gaye hain, date of elections diya gaya hai, emergency khatm kee gayee hai...emergency khatm karne ka date diya gaya hai... Yeh bahut significant acceptance hai," Hum ein elections mein play kareingey and winenge.

Taran: Can we have this interview in English please?

Benazir: Oh, sorry for a second I thought I was on Jiyo TV.

Taran: You seem to have the best of both worlds. On one hand you are hobnobbing with a tin pot two penny dictator and on the other you are criticizing him. Care to you explain your stand?

Benazir: There no need to explain anything. We are on the side of democracy and besides, we have an equal right to loot and plunder this country as much as the army. They should realize this.

Taran: What about Kabab Shareef? You seem to have an understanding with him also.

Benazir: That's true. I have an understanding with everyone including him, Bush, the Chinese premier, Mullah Omar, Saudi Fakes and also Michael Jackson.

Taran: Michael Jackson? For what?

Benazir: Once I win these elections, I will ask his make up man to make a living mummy out of Musharraf.

Taran: It’s a seesaw politics that we are seeing in Pakistan. The civilian government and army exchange positions as soon as people become tired of them.

Benazir: That's true, you see there are only two chefs in the Pakistani kitchen. One is a civilian guy, another one is in uniform. Pakistani people get tired of eating food made by the same chef so the civilian dude and the military dude exchange places every x number of years.

Taran: What about the chief cook, who sits in Washington?

Benazir: Oh he is the supervisor and also provides the groceries and other raw materials to keep this kitchen going. Without them, this drama would be completely incomplete.

Taran: I was told that you have code named your election campaign as MI4(mission impossible4). Is that true?

Benazir: No silly, that's the name I have given for my efforts to learn Urdu.

Taran: Is it true that Sue-bash Fly has offered you a role in one of his forth coming movie opposite the one and only Lallo Prasad?

Benazir: That's true, I will be playing the role of a scientist, who discovers a clean energy source that can power vehicles without using oil or causing pollution and is abducted by the henchmen of a Russian oil tycoon. Lallo is an Interpol agent, who is assigned to this case. Fly has delayed the shooting as I will be busy fleecing the electorate in Pakistan in the coming months.

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