Most awaited movies

The most awaited movies in 2007

Psychedelic: staring Lallo Yadav and Nicole kidman

After a brief hiatus, lallo returns to the big screen with a movie that has both critics and lallo fans exited alike.

In this caper, lallo is depicted as an NRI scientist working for a special FBI cell which looks into unsolved mysteries, attributed to creatures from outer space. Lallo’s life changes one day when a real alien is caught and brought in for questioning by agents. Lallo finds out that some of his bosses along with some rogue FBI agents were planning to sell the alien to a billionaire Russian oil tycoon Boris Zircononskvy. Lallo decides to expose the racket and take on the FBI biggies and the might of the Russian tycoon. He is aided in this mission by Nicole Kidman who is a scientist from NASA on deputation to this FBI cell. Nicole joins Lallo in this endeavor and together they set of on this roller coaster ride, escaping FBI agents, paid media guys and henchmen of Boris.

The move has been shot extensively in California and Vancouver. There is also a scene which is supposedly shot in Siberia. This movie will be worth watching for the extraordinary chemistry between Nicole and Lallo. Together the pair set the screen ablaze with a performance that will definitely earn plaudits for the duo. The movie is due for an early July release.

Chenistry in action: Lallo and Nicole in the movie

Men drawing flack: staring George Bush, MJ

Dubya makes his full length movie debut in this funny flick. Bush portrays a president who is wrongly indicted as a war criminal by ICJ. Dubya escapes from prison and joins hands with Louie (Michael Jackson), a ,mechanic in a LA garage to clear his name. The movie has enough instances of comedy with Bush trying to get his lines right. The funniest scene is the one where Bush meets his former English teacher, and sparks fly.

Also watch out for guest appearances by Queen Elizabeth and Bill Clinton.

MJ and Dubya: men drawing flack


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