Shocking link: Woolmer's death and India's defeat

Ok guys here is the shocking story

Way back in Feb, when the Indian and Pak guys heard that Shakira is going to perform in Mumbai, and realized that the schedule for the world cup was clashing with the divas performance, a clever plot was hatched by the powers that be from both sides of the border. At a secret meeting in London, the team members decided to tank their matches and fly back as soon as possible. The idea was to fly back to India from London by March 25, 2007 and attend the show. Both team members had confirmed bookings for the journey (from London and the show) (under assumed names). Unfortunately, the only guy who was not in on this was bob woolmer. Infact the guys were so exited that many of them did not even open their luggage completely. Others were seen searching for chemist shops for stocking on glycerine and started practicing the glum look we all saw that day.

And apparently, Bob Woolmer, after the Ireland match, overheard an exited pak player (in the hotel lobby) boast that he was really looking forward to the live performance of the star and puked out the whole story. An enraged woolmer immediately threatened to expose this to the press. Inzamam begged and pleaded with woolmer to wait till the next day for that. He agreed and we all know what happened after that-Bob was finished. Now, the Jamaican cops moved in and pak players were not allowed to escape to London (and then to India) by the agreed date. Following pressure from the players, the PCB wrote an angry letter to musharraf after which, some diplomatic pressure was applied and the guys were released but alas, it was too late by then. The show was over. Musharraf himself wanted to see the concert but the fluid political situation in home and lack of excuse for visiting India kept him back.

So what abt the Indians? Well Indians moved on the same lines and to make thing appear different, lost to bungledesh and then won over Bermuda and then lost to sri lanka (while pak lost to WI, Ireland and won vs Zimbabwe.) The seniors and Dhoni et all., were apparently quite exited over a change to see a shakira concert. But the spanner in the works came when the team manager was unable to book tickets for them alas!!! The dream of men in blue to see a shakira concert lay in taters as they had forgotten to take care of this minor detail. Such was the frustration that one of the players threatened to do a woolmer on the manager.

So there you have it. Two teams tanked more than a billion dreams for a lady…what could be worse….?




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