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Our custodians of democracy are up in arms against what they call “unwarranted judicial activism.” Are politicians feeling the heat with courts breathing down their necks? Rajcreep Sorefake finds out in this exclusive interview with 4 time MP, Popat Lal Pyjamewala..

So things are not going smoothly between politicians and the judiciary, right?

PL: we don’t accept any interference in the way we work. We don’t like anyone telling us what to do, and what not to. When we have the audacity to ignore the electorate who vote for us, do you think we will listen to these people?

Why are you having a debate in parliament on the role of judiciary?

PL: actually, last week we had run out of issues. Infact this whole month we have been facing a paucity of debatable issues. Thus, we had to pick up some pungee issues on which we could do sometime pass and show the nation that we were working. This is why you saw a debate on the Indian cricket team’s debacle in South Africa. We have now prepared a list of such issues to debate in case we don’t get any real issue-which we are sure of.

So what other “serious” items will you be discussing?

PL: Oh, we have some real stuff planned which are of much importance to the aam junta. We will be discussing the Abhishek-Aish wedding, putting more statues in the central hall of parliament, hiking our pay amongst others.

How exactly would the common man benefit from all this?

PL: People have been complaining about the lack of quality debates in the house and Doordarshan was complaining about the falling TRPs for the parliament sessions that they were showing live. So we hatched upon this new plan to discuss things which people normally discuss in pan shops and other joints. We wanted to bring more spice in our debates so that even the deve gowdas could stay awake and participate in the discussion.

The moral standards of MPs seems to be coming down like the fortunes of the Indian cricket team..your comments .

PL: what a sad comparison. Please call us dacoits, bandits, bandicoots, thieves and even hit us with slippers. But please don’t compare us with the Indian cricket team. These guys are performing worse than us at the moment.

But everyone says that it is politics that is ruining the team

PL: see this is what is wrong with the country. When something goes wrong, we blame it on politics. If your promotion is delayed, it is politics, if there is some infrastructure problem in the country it is politics.. For a change why don’t you credit us for something good?

And what good could politics have done for the country?

PL: hmmmmmmm….(appears to be in deep thoughts). Excuse me, I feel that my phone may ring anytime. So, we will have to end this here. Namste.

The MP and his langot then vanished into thin air…

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Apple said…
Hmm...purrfect candidate for Sri Ram Sena.. :P

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