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Cashwarya Day, the woman who supposedly has everything that she wants including boyfriends, some money, acting offers from c grade allegedly hollywood movies etc. Here in this exclusive interview with Veer Songvi, the actor talks on the things that she is yet to get including brains, humility and acting skills..

Q: So how is there any truth to the rumours that you are marrying AbhiSheikh Bachpan?

Ans: are you kidding? You have to ask this question to my new boyfriend.

Q: SO you are not marrying him?
Ans: Of course not. Why should I? Is it neccesary to marry everyone that I date?

Q: I see the pattern here. You date a dude, when he is on top and ditch him when his career hits a low or when the marriage rumors float around right?

Ans: Yeah that sums it up. I only date the rich and powerful. If you dont fall in either one of these off.

Q: Coming to your acting dont seem to have any?

Ans: what do you mean by this rubbish question? What do you think I have been doing with all my 32 boyfriends till now?? DO you think I could have reached this number if I were not acting?

Q: What was the point in your so called "voyage to hollywood"? You ended up doing some c grade movies which were not even seen by the producers and directors of the movie. I am told some of the people behind your holywood movies were banned by the Movie academy there?

Ans: SO?

Q: Dont you feel responsible in some way? Like the producers would have made more money if they had made a cartoon film or had used a plastic dummy instead of you in those movies. THese are supposed to show more emotions when compared to you onscreen.

Ans: Thanks.

Q: did you understand my question?
Ans: yes I did. You wanted to admire my role in those English movies. I am flattered thanks. By the way did you finish the last installment of payment for this interview to my agents?

Q: my next question was on your famed lack of inteligence. I have already got my answer.

Ans: Everyone used to tell me that one can either have drop dead good looks or brains...I agree.

Q: You made a total fool of yourself on the David Letterman show. What was the need to go there in the first place?

Ans: Made a fool? Who can make a fool out of me? WHO?

Q: I agree noone can create something that is already there. Coming to my next question..everything about you seems artificial..

Ans: and you have a problem with that? Just to tell you, my new boy friend is listening to this conversation and if he looses his temper, then he will turn you into a stuffed dummy.

Q: why did you ditch your last boyfriend?

ANs: I dont remember see that was due to some incident which happened two hours ago.

Q: does humility, modesty and hard work mean anything to you?

Ans: what do you mean by humilility? I have never heard such words. Hard work I guess is work which is hard to do.

Q: Finaly just name one movie of yours where you feel you have acted..

Ans. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cant remember any if you do, tell me also.

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