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funny interview ashwarya rai

Cashwarya Day, the woman who supposedly has everything that she wants including boyfriends, some money, acting offers from c grade allegedly hollywood movies etc. Here in this exclusive interview with Veer Songvi, the actor talks on the things that she is yet to get including brains, humility and acting skills..

Q: So how is there any truth to the rumours that you are marrying AbhiSheikh Bachpan?

Ans: are you kidding? You have to ask this question to my new boyfriend.

Q: SO you are not marrying him?
Ans: Of course not. Why should I? Is it neccesary to marry everyone that I date?

Q: I see the pattern here. You date a dude, when he is on top and ditch him when his career hits a low or when the marriage rumors float around right?

Ans: Yeah that sums it up. I only date the rich and powerful. If you dont fall in either one of these off.

Q: Coming to your acting dont seem to have any?

Ans: what do you mean by this rubbish question? What do you think I have been doing wi…

Bangalore Live

Ok so this was an intersting week which saw the son of CM indulge in a very "youthfull" behavior. Even more intersting was the fact that the super senior gowda who is easly among the most hated politicians in Karnataka jumped to the defence of his erring grandson by categorising the behavior as one which is commonly noticed in the youth of "well to do" families. Hmm quite an admision of wellness from the "son of soil" I guess most of the sons from well to do familes enter hotels at 3 am, order some chicken stuff and bash up the hotel guys when they are not served at that "son of soil" hour when the rest of the world is asleep and even the pub hopping gang has returned and are catching up on their 40 winks.

The cops are busy covering the whole thing up and the super senior gowda is probly busy telling his son about his adventures as a kid..those days when deve used to bully the dhabas near his son of the soil home when they refused to serve him r…

The commic interview

Everybody loves to hate the communists (commies). According to available statistics, commies are not only the most hated party but are also considered as one with the maximum number of idle brains who know nothing but to crtisise everything. Someone somewhere curses a commie every 55 seconds in India. In this backdrop, our very own Rajcreep Soredayseye caught with the top most commie Secretary Procash Carrot in a free throwing interview. Carrot puked in a few details on how his party is run and why is supporting the UP(M)A government at the centre.

RS: How does it feel to be the most hated party in India?
PC: I am thrilled and exited by this news. You see this is the culmination of years of unpopular decisions that we have taken.

RS: You mean you are happy with all this?
PC: Yes of course. You see India always elects parties that are unpopular. For 50 yrs cong ruled India as the most hated party. They were kicked out by the then unacceptable BJP. Now the Cong is back as the most hated p…