Jaswant grilled

JAswant singh aka JAssi, the man of the moment sitting pretty with his book "call to honour" having sold 20,000 copies, he his in the eye of the storm over the mole story.Our very own Doornob ghostsawme caught up with man in a hour long candid interview for the programme frankly lying where he mumbled on everything from Kandhahar to Karwar.We are gratefull to the FBI for providing us with a mumbling interpreter who could understand the mumbling uttered by JAssi.

Quest: So can we have the name now??JAssi: Its JAswant Singh!!

Question: you mean you were the mole in the PMO??JAssi: you asked for my name right??

Quest: I asked the name of the spy, the mole in PMO of the then PM Narashimha Rao.JAssi: Oh that person was not a civil-civil servant, he was not a regular member of the PMO but had accsess to the PM and other top people. he was a person who used to visit the pmo, participated in meetings, ate the stuff they gave in the canteen there and he also had wife and children and used to go for morning walks. Now he is in his old age and has got some white hair on his head. Oh and he was a human being and not a mole.

Quest: come mr singh, the nation wants the name and not clues.Jassi: that I will reveal only to the PM.

Quest: so then what are you waiting for?Jassi: well the PM has to give me an appointment you see.

Quest: So what were you planning to do incase PM didint give you an appointment??Jassi: well, I was really desperate to meet him and tell him the name of the person. Infact I had planned to take a Hyundai Sonata and drive in to his residence with some youngsters. I was waiting for them and they went inside without me. They were actually supposed to pick me up but they instead picked up a mechanic who had thick eyebrows and was mumbling something in the dark. They thought he was me and they took him and drove on..and the rest is history.

Quest: then??JAssi: This is the really sad part after the incident when I tried to get into PM's house from the compound wall, I was stopped by the SPG guys who alleged that I was a Jaswant singh lookalike. In fact they made me memble a few lines from my book and then made me buy them a few beedis and a tea and then took 300 Rs from me and then hit me with a big stick and left me in the city outskirts.

Quest: so you are behind this PM security breach incident??JAssi: no but I actually know about the mole who caused this breach. I will reval his name in my next book.

Quest: what will it be called?Jassi: Its going to be a great one. Its called "crawl to corner"

Quest: What about the allegations that you carried explsoives to Kandahar in 1999??Jassi: yes, I did so!!

Quest: why did you carry those explosives?Jassi: initially we planned to tie those to the body of these terrorists and then detonate them after the terrorists had released the plane and the hostages.

Quest: where did you get such a stupid idea?Jassi: I saw it in a bollywood movie produced by a CIA mole.

Quest: what about the ransom of $900 mn paid to them?Jassi: thats a false story. they wanted it but I told them that instead I will give all of them a chance to get their memoirs published and that I will tell them the name of a mole inside taliban.

Quest: so did you tell them?JAassi: I was not allowed to meet Mullah Omar. He did not treat me well so I did not reveal the name.

Quest: BJPs been out of power for almost two years now. Looking back what do you feel was the reason for this defeat.JAssi: we had a congress mole inside the then BJP high command who was exposing all our plans to the rival camp. He was a high profile person and had acsess to all of us. He was there in all the meetings and I will reval his name in my next to next book called "A call to moaner"

Quest: the proceedings of Parliment have been stalled for the last few days dont you feel any regrets about this whole chapter?Jassi: None, infact this has been caused by a mole inside the parliment.

Quest: what??Jassi: more info in my next to next to next book called being a loner.

Quest: there are calls for your removal from BJP..Jassi: these are all rumours spread by a set of moles..

Quest: enough mr singh please tell me if you will tell the name of the mole or not?Jassi: Wait till my next book infact I will also name a mole in your channel too.


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