Reservation in pvt sec?? u gott b mad


Now the cry for reservation has reached the private sector. Some new set of jokers in the Indian government led by an unworthy, inhuman and uneducated social justice crap minister has called for reservations in private sector. looks like one after another these "mine-isters" are loosing their stuff from the brain. Pushing for reservations in the private sector is akin to stabbing in the back and killing talents, skill and not to mention merit once again. This minster speaks like aperson who has woekn up from some some long sleep from the dark ages or has forgottn to take her medication for the day. The evil has already happened with the 49.5 percent reservation in educational institutions now these beggars and shameless thugs led by this social "justice" crimeister want to implement quoto in private sector. I just want to ask these proton brained vegetables these questions..

* Give funds for private sector??
* Does private sector have a say in Indian Govt recruitment?
* Tommorow can we ask Indian govt to provide quota for industry captians to enter parliment??
* Does any other country discrminate talents, skills and merit for something as crappy as caste??
* What has Indian government done for private sector for past 50 yrs with license raj it had almost killed it?
* Why all this drama now??

Answer these questions mad-am before opening ur mouth and puking all crap..

There are enough issues related to education which needs to be resolved first. Already merit has been exterminated by you idiots and now you want the unmeritorius people who got in via reservation to also get whats next hon'able minister?? Reservations in hell for u and your team for sure why.. cous I am taking this forum to put a curse on you, and all politicains who support this move. You will see some reallly worse days ahead. You have tested our patience enough u jerks..


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