Bangalore goin to dogs??

The local stray dogs association in bangalore yesterday night took out a procession to attack the state government for neglecting their plight. Police have reported incidents of violence from various parts of the city till the wee hours of Thursday morning. A software engineer was attacked by a bunch of cannines while returning from work and another attack resulted in severe wardrobe malfunction when a ploitician was stripped of his white dhoti by a angry bunch. Another cannine mob ransacked a local police station near Brigade road as additional central reserve force companies were deployed in various sensitive parts of the city to curb violence.

The Stray dogs Association of Bangalore (SDB) has demanded healthcare and other benefits to be extended to them. It has also asked the state government to stop agressive daytime patroling resulting in the arrest of many of top SAB leaders in the recent past. The SDB secretary was taken into preventive custody by cops late yesterday night while in a early morning swoop, many howling cannies were arrested and translocated to "distant locations" by the men in uniform. A SDB delegation also met CM kumaaaraaswaaamyyy today and presneted a memorandum to him on the plight of stray dogs. Infact, the Bangalore cannines complained that their Hyderabad counterparts are getting better treatment and have accsess to social security benefits and contributary pension which were not provided for the Bangalore wolverian descendents.

The entire incident has left a bad rotten egg taste for the new Government in Karanataka which was just finding its feet after a series of spats between the ruling allys. In fact, deve gowda had writen a letter to his son asking for special provisions to be provided to these cannies at the earliest or he would go on a fast unto death. Deve gowda said that he will appeal to the central government for intevention in the crises to seek a resolution at the earliest. On being asked to clarify his stand, deve gowda went into a deep slumber and only snoring was heard after that. Two of his assistants then asked the media men who had assembled there to disperese as deve gowda was now in a deep thought stage wherein he was pondering on the plight of the poor in India.

The CM has appealed for calm and has promised to look into the demands for the cannine association soon. In a fit of ususal rage, Kumaaraswamyyy blasted three bureaucrats who he claimed had not handled the situation "well." On being asked as to why he was coming down on the bureaucrats everytime, the CM said that it is these guys who fumble everyting. Some media men noted that the CM was often seen blasting the same set of bureacrats everytime for all connecetd and disconnected decisions, the CM said that he was yound and dynamic so he wants to keep his circle of anger limited for now...

CM said that his party will open up a new department to look into issues concerning the welfare of the stray cannines. He assured the delegation that his government would also sponser a visit by a cannie delegation to Pakistan to interact with the cannine rights groups there.

Stray dogs Association of Bangalore, President told us over the phone that the agreement was arrived at in good faith and that new areas of cooperation would also be identified and worked at by the two sides. He also appriciated the role played by the CM and his father in the whole incident. "many connsider deve gowda as hurdle to the progress of Bangalore..I agree with this but in case of stray cannine welfare, he has shown tremendous wisdom which indicates that he has some amounts of the same," he said. The Association would hold a programme to felicitate the CM and his father soon it is learned.

The stand off had already affected many residents who are complaining of lack of sleep in the lest few days.


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