Need for nuke deal:India read this

Nuke deal positives

There are lots of voices opposing the Indo_us nuke deal. Forget the leftists they oppose everything (including progress of the country). Even the inteligensia of the nation has come together to oppose this deal. They are opposing this deal on flimsy grounds and that really hurts. Plese do not play politics on national interest issues.

What no one understands is that this has been one of the most shrwedly handled deals that an Indian Gov has ever enetered into. The fact that India is free to decide on which reactors to place for inspection, linking inspections to fuel supply etc indicate that Manmohan and his team have done their homework and desrve kudos for deftly handling the whole thing. All the major goals envised by team India for the deal have been fulfilled and now we can look forward to an era of enhanced Indo-US cooperation. We have not been subdued by them. We have only ensured that they give us what we want and thats definitely not bad. The deal however still has to be approved the congress and the "non proliferation" lobby is actvely working to ensure that the deal does not get through. As a citizen of India, I have only one thing to say to such people. We are not proliferators one has to just look at our history to realise that while our neighbour was doling out centrifuge blue prints and while thier atomic apparatus was being cicumvented to provide all forms of vertical and horizontal proliferation, India has held the high moral ground and never allowed any proiliferation to take place on its soil or elsewhere. If this doesnt impress you let me tell USA that supporting a democratic India is essential if they plan to ensure that the light of freedom reaches even the darkest corners of the world. We have not deviated from the Gandhian path of non violence and are firmly holding on to the belief that freedom of citizens is the only way of ensuring progress. Faced with extreme and grave provocation, we only taken weapons to defend innocent citizens we have risen only to ensure that the blood of an innocent is not spilled on our soil. India is commited to global peace and we will ensure that we will walk that extra step whenever required.

This deal is a major step forward for ensuring energy security in a nation that is growing by leaps and bounds. The 10% plus GDP growth envisaged by the Government in the next 5 yrs and superpower 2020 dream of our dear President can only be achieved if millions of homes in urban and the rural heartland can burn lamps at sundown. Lets not be carried by hollow claims of independent foreign policy the only implication of which is energy deficit and making India a nuclear pariah state in the world. Let me just ask these so called opponents of deal only one question. Please do give a detailed plan to the nation as to how they plan to generate 1,20,000 MW of power required by the nation in the next 10-20 yrs?? If there is no answer then please do not oppose this deal....


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