Shame on Advani and Co

Dear all,

It is a real matter of shame that our politicains have exposed their weakness for money. While it was an open secret till now. Well the real matter for shame was the way in which some opposed the expulsion of these bribe takers and staged a walkout saying "the punishment was too harsh" Oh so Mr Advani and team do you want us to take these tainted MPs to the nearest temple and do a pooja on them HUH?? Wake up guys and smell the coffee we are fed up with these guys. These least that the other parlimentarians could have done was to have kicked these guys out of parliment UNIANIMOUSLY. Do we need to tell our politicians that even kicking them out was a mild way. Upto me, we should have put these politicans on donkey(which is more intelligent than these guys), tarred their bodies, put chicken feather on them and taken them on a tour in their constituencies. They should also not be allowed to stand for any posts in the future and each one should be whipped in public after being slapped and dipped in water contaning chilli powder. Now that would have been justice....aint it??


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