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CMs langot missing
CM Dharam singh wakes up to find out that some one has stolen his langot the Police have launched a massive combing operation...READ MORE

NEWS: CMs langot missing

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EXCLUSIVE H ARam's kucchi missing

The police are investigating. In what could only be described as criminal, unthinkable and unetical, CM H Amram's 1/2 chavvani kuchi was stolen in the wee hours of Nov 8. The kuchhi left on a rock near the CMs house was found missing after one of his helpers raised an alaram.

CM Aram singh is said to have suspected Tugh for stealing his kuchhis which he had left for drying after he was drenched in the recent floods. Tugh is said to have run away with the kuchi which also has a chavvani inside the deep pocket. Police have meanwhile spread across the state in search for the elusive kuchi. This question was also raised in legislative assembly where members wanted to know that if the CMs kucchi itself was not safe then what about the oridinary citizen who is like at the end of the spectrum. The CID has already taken over the case and they have reported some good leads and will release the sketch of the proable suspects in a day or two. Police have declared a reward of 3 chavvani for any information leading to obtaining the kuchhi. Meanwhile police have also suspected the hand of an internatjional dubai based kuchhi stealing gang for this operation.

It has already been declared that the ISI of Pak could have a hand in this. It looks like the inteligence agency has now moved on to stealing assests of CMs. Musharraf meanhwile called on H Aram and assured him of unequivocal support to the CM in his search for the kucchi.

Souces have told HDTV that an international gang of langot thiefes are behind this incident. It is said that the dreaded criminal Abu Stealem is behind this latest caper. He and his GF are said to be hiding somewhere in French Guyana and Indian Government has initiated extradition prodecding to get the criminal to India.

MEanwhle it is being said that the stealing of H Aram's kuchii has something to do with the Volker commite report and that the Interpol has been sounded to uncoverthis nexus. The investigations are continuing.

---Our staff reporter..Bhakara Dutt


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