Indrani Mukherjea case: Aamir Khan to cry over the weekend

A source close to Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has told Humor Unplugged that he may offer a reaction to the episode this weekend. It may be remembered that as soon as the case grabbed the headlines of prominent page 3 glossies like Times of India, journos more yellow than pakoras dipped in turmeric had thronged his residence on 7 Tear Avenue hoping the star would offer some
soundbites. The journos had to return disappointed as Aamir was away in Jodhpur crying over an incident of trespass over private property that happened a month ago.

Times of India having a field day
The source, who doesn’t want his name to be exposed, said that Aamir will cry on Saturday as the star has entered a phase of depression. “He was crying this Wednesday and Thursday so he wanted to take a break over this weekend but saw an ad for a slipper and started wailing. But he became even more depressed as news came that Indrani had tried to bump of Sheena Bora’s brother too. He became really depressed and wanted to cry on Sunday itself but Kiran asked him to hold back his tears till the media is appraised of his depression,” the source said.

Meanwhile, not so noted director Mahesh Bhatt's latest movie on the Indrani Mukherjea case will be released this Friday. The movie starring bollywood's most talented actress Sunny Leone has been developed based on a newspaper article, Bhatt said. "When it comes to movies, I don't need a script. In fact, my latest movie is based on a Times of India headline. That is my script. Only rank amateurs work with big scripts," Bhatt said.



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