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Arvind Kejriwal rushing to Delhi

In what could be described as a "development" within hours of the Supreme Court chiding central government over the delay in forming a government in Delhi, our reporters spotted Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal flying in a hurry to Delhi.

UN Secretary Gen sends a stinker to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue

Pakistan’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz recently wrote to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon whining about the situation at the Line of Control. He was not expecting a reply but the Moon surprised him as he got a reply not from the Secretary General but from a Section Officer in the Information Wing of the UN. Humor Unplugged obtained a copy of the letter and we are producing it herewith in the larger interest of the readers.

This letter, written with concern and attention, is in response to your recent communication regarding the unfortunate series of incidents that prevailed on or near the Line of Control and on or near the Internal Boundary separating India and your nation.

As you are aware, the Secretary General doesn't give a hoodoo about the Kashmir dispute between your country and India. He has other urgent matters that seek his immediate and undivided attention and matters such as the one which you have raised are nothing but unp…

Pakistan had denied its involvement in the Harvard threat mail episode

Recently, hundreds of students and other people affiliated with Harvard University got a threatening email followed by a second message with an apology that apparently came from the same email account. Seems like the whole incident was a prank but the Pakistan government chose to take it seriously and as per established protocol, issued a firm denial on the involvement of Pakistani terrorists in the episode.

“We landed with an Ostrich’s egg on our face this time. We have an established denial protocol. We have to deny involvement of Pakistani terrorists within 8 hours of a major terror incident. The facts can be checked later and even if evidence emerges to the contrary, we continue denying till the incident dies down. In this case, we issued a standard denial but the whole thing turned out to be a hoax and we looked like a bunch of Bilawal Bhuttos,” a source in the Pakistani foreign ministry said.

“We condemn this barbaric instance of terrorism. As everyone knows, Pakistan has been …