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IPL7: BCCI asks Indian Election Commission to defer 2014 elections

The BCCI has asked Election Commission of India to postpone general elections in the country till the end of May as the polls were clashing with dates proposed for the 7th edition of the Indian Premier League.
In an email communication addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner, the PA to BCCI president N Srinivasan, Chaudhuri Baby Lal asked the CEC to direct his office to postpone the polls as “a non-event like elections should not be allowed to interrupt something as important as the Indian Premier League”.

“Your attention is drawn to the fact that the Indian Premier League is more important to India than its elections. Also, the BCCI is today stronger than the Indian government as we have more crooks per square inch of our real estate than the government and we don’t have to answer to clowns such as Kejriwal who keep writing letter for no reason whatsoever. Given this context, India should give adequate and more priority to IPL while elections can be held at leisure later. Besid…

Times Now’s Arnab Goswami launches the Agitated Anchor Party

In his continuing fight against sanity, Times Now’s editor in chief Arnab Goswami fired the latest salvo by launching a brand new political outfit.

The party christened Agitated Anchor Party was launched at a grand function attended by various anchors from across the country. Some of them even came to blows towards the end though. Arnab claimed that his party will deliver more drama, agitation and action than Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

“Our party would focus on coming to power for not more than two hours in each state during prime time. During our stint we will challenge the opposition to indulge in animated debates on various issues and once we have got enough TRPs, we will resign and move on to another state. We hope to have finished one round of reign in each Indian state by 2022,” Arnab said.    

Arnab also said that like Kejriwal used to run to Ram Leela Maidan everytime he wanted to protest, his partymen would converge at the Times Now studio to protest and agitate…

Arnab Goswami caught intruding in neighbour’s house, gets pulped

Times Now’s editor in chief and the man with a rock of Gibralter sized curiosity Arnab Goswami was briefly detained by cops today morning for illegal trespassing and related charges. Arnab has denied all charges in a media statement released sometime back and claimed that he was framed by an ‘opponent’ who wanted to score some brownie points on women’s empowerment. This is how the events panned out.

At about 3 am in the morning, cops near Arnab’s residence in Gochi Layout got a call from a resident saying the Times Now Editor in Chief had been spotted moving around in a suspicious manner near her house. Acting on the call, hyperactive cops immediately rushed to the site only to find Arnab roaming around wearing a monkey cap and muffler with a torch pointed to a crack in the wall of the lady’s home.

When confronted Arnab initially denied he was the leading news anchor. “He initially claimed to be a card carrying member of the Aam Aadmi party who was scouting for a location for AAP’s ne…

Pepper spray use in Indian parliament spices things up

The Lok Sabha turned into a battlefield today with senior MPs scuffling as home minister Sushilkumar Shinde introduced the Telangana bill around noon.Things turned really ugly when a dignified MP used pepper spray on the floor of the house.

The following sentences culled from tweets by our reporter @blogus_maximus capture the bedlam. Over to @blogus_maximus

Thank god Aamir khan was not in parliament today else he would have charged INR 1 crore for every tear drop that came out from his eyes One MP I know was angry because the MP who used the pepper spray was seen flashing its Flipkart product code before spraying generouslyThanks to the pepper spray, many MPs behaved like human beings...though it was only momentaryForget right to recall MPs..I want a right to recall memories of seeing such behavior Doordarshan can start a new channel - Lok Sabha Action on a pay per view basis if incidents like pepper spray in parliament continueWhy is everyone criticizing the MP who used pepper spray …

It was so cold today that…

Vijay Mallya was seen burning Kingfisher shares to keep himself warmSalman Khan was seen burning newspapers containing Jai Ho reviews to keep himself warmKejriwal decided to consult Delhities to decide whether he should use a blanket, increase the AC temperature or wear a sweaterPoopnam Pandey was seen wearing a bikiniRahul Gandhi said that unless the system was changed completely, the temperature won’t go upAl Gore said he was ready to review his stand on global warmingSri Lankan Navy stayed away from waters of the Bay of Bengal. But they did try to lure Indian fishermen to a few Lankan beaches in order to arrest them.People logged in to twitter just to indulge in unfriendly exchanges to keep themselves warmSyed Shah Geelani's teeth were chattering while they were still in the glass