Terror training camp spotted on Pakistani quake island

A small island created in the Arabian Sea by the huge earthquake that hit southwest Pakistan has fascinated locals but experts say it is unlikely to last long. Even more interesting was the fact that within an hour of the island coming up in the Arabian Sea, a terror training camp was spotted on it by Indian intel satellites.

This image shows what appears to be a new island
 off the coast of Pakistan after the Sept. 24, 2013 earthquake .
The 7.7-magnitude quake struck on Tuesday in Balochistan's remote Awaran district. Off the coastline near the port of Gwadar, some 400 kilometres (250 miles) from the epicentre, locals were astonished to see a new piece of land surface from the waves. It is not a small thing, but a huge rock like thingi which has emerged from under the water," Gwadar-based geologist Asim Rustam said explaining the scientific aspect of the episode.

The island was immediately occupied by Lashkar-e-newislandi, a terror group formed with assistance from the ISI and Pakistan army. The group has already established 50 tents on the island alongwith terror infrastructure and brought in a few jehad spewing mullahs from the mainland to train terrorists from different groups there.

When Humor Unplugged visited the island, we saw about 50 jihadi terrorists playing in a terror nursery right in the heart of the island. One of them said that he was previously with the dreaded Lashkar-e-toiba but left the group as he was constantly on the bench after he failed to blow himself up at an Afghan army post in Kandahar. He feels that his new group will give him another chance to blow up in front of a strategic target.

“Give me some sunshine,
give me some rain
give me another chance
I wanna blow up once again”

That’s what he was humming as we left the island after Indian geologists warned us that the island was quite unstable and would sink soon.


Ramya said…
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