Arnab Goswami will be the anger consultant for Deewar remake

The whole nation was wondering where Times Now editor-in-chief was over the weekend. The nation was missing him so much that #whereisarnab was trending on Twitter for almost 36 hours. Humor Unplugged’s investigations reveal that Arnab was with Yashraj films MD and owner Aditya Chopra and the two were discussing Arnab’s role in an upcoming movie based on yesteryear’s hit Deewar.

Orignal Deewar
Humor Unplugged has learnt that Arnab has been roped in by Aditya Chopra to be the ‘anger consultant’ for the movie. As part of Arnab’s contract, he will provide inputs to the story writer(s) and screenplay experts connected with the movie. His primary KRA would be to shape the character played by Amitabh Bachchan in the original movie. Since the role was that of an angry young man, Arnab was apparently the perfect guy to help shape the script and the character.

“You cannot be more angry or outraged than Arnab. They say that when he was born, he didn’t cry. He simply had an angry look on his face. He was in fact looking so angry that the nurse had to leave the room, scared. Even today, many politicians are afraid of facing him not just in India, even abroad. When former Pakistani dictator Musharraf faced Arnab, the former was wearing an industrial strength diaper (supplied by the Pakistan army). Such is the persona of Arnab and that is why we wanted him in our project to remake Deewar,” a Yashraj films source connected with the project said.

It seems that some of Arnab suggestions have already reached Aditya Chopra. Our source tells us that Arnab wanted a big change in the famous scene where Bachchan’s shares with Shashi Kapoor’s character his list of assets including a palatial house, housing projects and bank balance. It seems that Arnab wanted the conversation to be a panel discussion with members from the government and opposition joining over a call.

Deewar remake will hit the floors this December. The cast of the movie hasn’t been finalized yet.  


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