Man asks for 50,000 Facebook likes as dowry, gets pulped, arrested

In a shockingly disgusting and vile development, a man from a town in UP was arrested by UP cops after he demanded 50000 Facebook likes from his fiancĂ©’s family.

Chavvani Lal, a supervisor in a local manufacturing unit was engaged to Quynh-Anh Lam (name changed) and the two were supposed to marry each other in September. Everything was fine between the two till one day, Lal asked Lam for a few thousand likes as dowry. When Lam reminded Lal that giving and taking dowry was illegal, the he claimed that 'likes' were not a tangible entity and didn't have any monetary implication of any sort.

Kiwano Melon
“I just want about 50000 likes for posts by me, my mom and dad. You have a big family and it’s just a question of setting up Facebook accounts for everyone, adding each other as friends and liking our posts. It is that simple. I am not asking for money or Kiwano Melon chips,” Lal said firmly. Before he could even finish, a lampshade flying at 30 kmph hit him and he fell. Lam had thrown the shade at Lal as that was the biggest object that she could find before his sentence ended. Lam’s dad simply asked the guy to get out before he picked and dumped a refrigerator on him.

As soon as Lal stepped out, kids from the neighborhood chased him with stones and sticks. Couple of pets were also removed from their leashes and let loose on him. Some folks even threw darts contaminated with food poisoning bacterium at him. After he was caught, kids tied him to a nearby mango tree and thrashed the daylights out of him. Sometime later he was made to watch the movie Chennai Express to prolong the torture.  

Shortly thereafter, cops were called and Lal was promptly handed over.


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