Lesser known facts about Arnab Goswami

So you think you know Arnab Goswami well?? Think again. 

Did you know all dis or were you pretending
all this while? The nation needs to know!
  • When Arnab Goswami was in school, he used to answer every question with 33 questions.
  • Once he was inducted by the CBSE board in a panel to draft questions for the class X board exams. Was dropped after he added a 'nation needs to know' suffix to each question
  • His first love letter included 137 questions for the object of his affection
  • Arnab's wife never argues with him as she is afraid of losing 
  • Most of the self proclaimed evidence papers he waves on his show Newshour are grocery lists written by his wife 
  • He doesnt bargain with vendors. He simply asks 36 questions
  • Goswami's neighbors avoid him during their morning walk in order to prevent being asked 36 questions
  • Arnab Goswami's maid once fainted due to low BP after Goswami questioned her absence from duty 
  • 08 secs is the longest any panelist has spoken on Newshour without interruption by Arnab
  • Pakistan's former dictator and clown Parvez Musharraf had 5 military interrogators question him non-stop for 34 hours in preparation for his first appearance on Newshour
  • He starts his day with 36 questions to self 
  • Once a service manager at a prominent 5-star hotel asked Arnab for feeback on his stay. The manager was released only after Goswami asked him 74 questions
  • Panel-Panel was Arnab's favorite game as a 6-year old. He used to gang up with 4 neighborhood kids and grill random kids on random topics
  • His autobiography 'The nation needs to know' is written in a QnA format
  • During his interview for a job as a reporter for NDTV, Arnab asked Pranoy Roy 93 questions in under one hour
  • Arnab and Rajdeep Sardesai's rivalry goes back to college days. Both fell for the same girl. While Arnab used to send her 36 questions every day to impress her, Rajdeep used to dye his hair grey hoping to win her over with a mature look.    


Tia said…
Good one !

I want Kim Kardashian,Russell Peters and Shah Rukh in a discussion with Arnab. Telecast LIVE! :)
I think there is a channel that broadcasts that kinda stuff..it is called Comedy Central ;)
Thanks Vaishali and a yipee welcome to Humor Unplugged :)
Hahaha..Grocery list and I guess the pencil in his hand is grabbed from his son lol.. :)
The nation needs to know..lol
Gosh he is so much in love with his love, no one gets to speak. You either say and agree with what he wants to hear or face the rebuttal! !

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