BCCI does the unthinkable, issues a clean chit tender

India's alleged national body for governing cricket in the country viz., the Bored of Controlling Cricket in India or the BCCI today issued a tender inviting bids from agencies to supply clean chits to it. Our source in the BCCI says that the action was taken after BCCI exhausted its stock of clean chits in the recent match fixing episode. Apparently every Tom, Dick and Harry from Maiyyatappan to Raj Kundra got BCCI to issue them clean chits leading to the stock of clean chits getting exhausted in just under two weeks.

The tender, our source said, will help BCCI replenish its stock and issue more clean chits in the days to come. Apparently, Bored Chief N Srinivasan wanted to make sure that the Bored is ready for any eventuality in the future.  


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