Archaeologists find remains of an advanced Neanderthal civilisation in Saudi Arabia

International archaeologists have dug out the remains of what appears to be an ancient Neanderthal civilization almost 15,000 years old at a rocky lava field east of the city of Jeddah. The find has been kept secret by the team to avoid backlash from the public and from the conservative government.  

The site as seen from Google Earth 
“This civilization probably is the only one that exists today which was more advanced than the ones that followed it. It was even more advanced than the Saudi Arabia of today. Women had more rights, people had more religious freedom and interestingly, freedom of speech was somethin
g that people used to take for granted. People had taken to art in a big way there were paintings of all sizes done on rocks. Many of them seem to be cartoons mocking elders from the tribes these individuals belonged to," a professor associated with the study told Humor Unplugged on the condition of complete anonymity.

If a Neanderthal guy from those days were to visit Saudi today, he would feel sorry for the people living in the land that he inhabited 15000 years ago,” the professor added.       

The study was done in complete secrecy and without any kind of help from the Saudi government. 


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