Friday fry: Greenpeace to honor Sunny Deol

Leading actor and the only man with arms weighing  a few kilos, Sunny Deol will be honored by global environment NGO, Greenpeace. A decision to this effect was taken at a hurriedly convened meeting of the organisation in Auckland yesterday. The meeting was convened in such a hurry that there were no snacks or beverages available at the venue during the meeting.

Celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema by uprooting
a handpump
A press release issued by Greenpeace states “Indian actor Sunny Deol has been leading a multi-level campaign against the use of contraptions that deplete the water table (handpumps). In many of his movies, Sunny is portrayed as an angry young man who vents his anger out on many things, including equipment that are used to draw precious ground water from below the surface of the earth. His efforts are indeed laudable and his persistence in conveying this crucial message to a global audience in a simplified manner has won our eternal admiration and gratitude”.

Our Greenpeace source tells us that the special committee went through over 50 hours of footage that showed Sunny Deol uprooting over 37000 handpumps before deciding to award him. “Members found his anger to be absolutely legitimate and if every Indian was as angry with people who use water from borewells and handpumps indiscriminately, we wouldn’t have been in a situation where the water table has fallen to historic lows. This will lead to seismic issues in the short term and socio-economic issues in the long term,” she said. She also told us that Sunny will be offered the role of a brand ambassador for water conservation in India.

Sunny Deol thrashing a clown
who had dug an illegal borewell
“We will channel his anger against handpumps and will ensure that he uses it in a more direct way. Which means will take him across villages where he will be uprooting handpumps by the dozen in areas where there are no rain water harvesting facilities. Greenpeace believes that only those areas that harvest rainwater deserve to have handpumps or devices to extract groundwater," she said.

Sunny Deol could not be reached for comment.


Ana_treek said…
Hahaha..awesome..After such a long time in Bollywood atleast somebody decides to honor him :P :D
Thanks Ana...indeed the man needs to be honored...he is the most eco friendly actor in bollywood...:)

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