L K Advani to appear on MTV Roadies

In what has been dubbed as a last ditch attempt to connect with the country’s youth and buttress his claim to be a well-accepted PM candidate, BJP’s Lal Krishna Advani will soon be appearing on a special edition of MTV’s reality show Roadies. He will be contesting against contestants who are in the same age-group as his great grandsons.

Advani getting ready for the shoot
“This is not a reality show. No sir, its not. Instead it involves guys on bikes going around the nation. Advaniji was the pioneer of this concept as he had gone around the country during the early 90s on a self propelled vehicle. The show is based on the rath yathra theme; the only different being that instead of a humongous rath we have a small rath that can carry only two people. So essentially Advaniji is in his home turf,” Advani’s spokesperson said.

When reminded that Advani was around when the last ice age happened, the spokesperson shot back. “You know? Advaniji was the first blogger in the country. He used to tweet even before twitter became vox populi and used to hang out on Orkut before moving on to Google Plus. He is a pioneer in everything and so do not question his actions because they will be in fashion tomorrow".    

Unlike Rannvijay Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana, bollywood will not be a destination for Advani, the spokesperson said.

Musharraf wants to join Roadies
Arrested Pakistani despot Parvez Musharraf meanwhile wrote to MTV asking for a participation slot in Roadies. MTV sources while confirming the development said “The former Pakistani dictator sounded real desperate and wanted to stay in India and roam around till things cool down in his country. We have not taken a decision on this yet”.


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