Harvinder Singh didn’t slap me: Sharad Pawar

Just a day after Sreeshanth hit out at fellow cricketer Harbhajan Singh and called him a backstabber, Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, today hit out at his ‘attacker’ Harvinder Singh, calling him a weird person. In an exclusive interview with Humor Unplugged, Pawar claimed that he was pained by media reports drawing parallel between Sreeshanth- Harbhajan slapgate and he being slapped by Harvinder Singh.

“First of all I would like to clarify that I was never slapped by Harvinder. To be where I am and do the things I have done, I have no complaints but, now I want all of you to know the truth. He (Harvinder) never slapped me and the video that shows me getting slapped is a morphed one. Harvinder only elbowed me and some pranksters belonging to the same lot that morphed a video to discredit actress Mona Singh also did the same to me. I am pained that people have used the video to judge me and the work I have done. Now people are even comparing it with the Sreeshanth- Harbhajan incident and that has really hurt me beyond words,” Pawar said.

When told that Humor Unplugged’s correspondent Rajcreep Sorefakeeye saw Pawar being slapped with his own eyes the agriculture minister got wild with anger. He was in fact so angry that two layers of reptilian skin he had worn to hide his aging face fell on the ground with a thud. “What do you mean your correspondent saw? People see all kinds of things. The other day I saw a UFO hovering near our lawn. But later on I found it was my mother in law’s track pajamas that she had hung for drying. So you see..till you see things in proper light, you could be mistaken to believe anything you see. Mr Sorefake is a known Old Monk fan and is known to come to office carrying it in his water bottle so he is not a reliable witness, if you ask me,” Pawar said.

Claiming that he had put the incident behind him, Pawar said that slaps don’t solve anything. “If you want to actually teach a politician a lesson, you need to empty a cess pit on him. That might also not make him think, but it is worth a try and besides you media guys and bloggers will have a field day discussing the event,” Pawar said.


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