Vatican denies Pope quit because he was denied work from home

Vatican has dismissed reports suggesting Pope Benedict XVI resigned because he was not allowed to work from home.

Since Pope Benedict announced his resignation on February 11, Italian newspapers have been full of rumors about conspiracies, secret reports and lobbies in the Vatican that they say pushed the pope to abdicate. Some reports hinted that the pope was angry with Vatican authorities for withdrawing his right to work from home. A few weeks ago, Vatican had asked pope to “stop logging in from home” and report to his office workstation on a daily basis, a move that was copied by Yahoo with disastrous consequences.

Italian media stories suggested that pope’s ‘justified’ anger over not being allowed to work from home was mentioned in the cardinals' report, which was handed to Vatican and is still secret. The Vatican has said that such rumors were a figment of some sinner’s deviant mind and were as far from truth as Satan is from anything divine.


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