Indian feudal managers association welcomes Yahoo move

Indian Feudal Managers Association (IFMA) has wholeheartedly endorsed Yahoo’s recent move abolishing work from home option for its employees. IFMA has asked NASSCOM to issue a fatwa to all members to stop employees from availing the work from home option at the earliest.

“As managers, we need to be constantly surrounded by subservient employees and that  is a prime ego booster for us. We are not worried about productivity, innovation, flexibility or efficiency here in the Indian IT industry. For that you need to go to Silicon Valley or elsewhere. We just need a bunch of mindless zombies worshipping us and singing paeans. Our commitment to employee welfare and freedom is as fake as silicon implants you see in Beverly Hills,” an IFMA source said.

When we told them that work from home employees were more productive and loyal, the source shot back."What do you mean by productivity? If you mean they have more kids, I am tempted to agree," he said.

IFMA has quoted bogus studies that state that work from home reduces efficiency, productivity and innovation quotient among employees to drive home its point. One such study quoted by them was conducted over a period of two days by a leading IT concern in India. The IT major forced one of its employees to work from home for a day and asked his manager to flood him with mails and calls till the next working day. Little wonder, the project failed and the IT company used that instance as an example to showcase the alleged perils of working from home.

Off the record, many IT industry employees claimed that many managers in the IT industry think of themselves as feudal lords who have descended from heaven with a manager tag. “There is a dress code, mail code, mandatory log in hours, fixed lunch break and absolutely no flexibility to even go pay our utility bills. Instead of enabling and leadership driven managers, we have a bunch of insecure Arindam Chaudhuris here. Such is the state of affairs in our country. It is therefore no wonder that while we are home to leading IT services companies, we just have a handful of product companies here. For developing products, employees need the freedom to think and work which is the last thing you will find here,” she said.


NiftyTips100 said…
Awesome spoof... Actually i have a friend in Yahoo and she is actually in disbelief how the new CEO could have done that !!! Nice take on the IT industry in India... goes much the same for other industries as well.. Kudos :)

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