Sheila Dixit applies for gun license

The Daryaganj police station received an unique visitor on Monday morning. As soon as she walked in, a minor tornado ensured with cops running helter-skelter while some ran to fetch their uniforms, others jogged around to get the mandatory tea and samosa. Delhi CM Sheila Dixit had come to apply for a gun license.

“Madamji(Ms Dixit) had called us few days back asking us to outline the process for obtaining arms for herself. But we didn’t know she would turn up so soon. She came and submitted an application form for obtaining a gun license and we accepted it,” a senior Daryaganj station cop said.

Ms Dixit has applied for a license for this weapon
When asked as to why she was obtaining a gun license, Ms Dixit said “Delhi is becoming more unsafe with each passing day. I have no idea what the administration and CM are doing and I do not have enough faith in the law enforcement machinery in this place. Therefore I am preparing myself for everything and anything.

When reminded that the Delhi administration she was referring to was her own, an angry Dixit said “Yea so what? Just because it is my administration doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to condemn it when needed. I am not like you bloggers who keep whining about wrong things. Considering the type of criminals that are there not just in Delhi, but in other parts of the nation, we women need to carry a bazooka and a rocket propelled grenade launcher and not just a piddly gun.

That’s indeed a good advice. Humor Unplugged advises all women readers to carry legally permitted weapons to defend themselves. At the least you must carry a pepper spray with you at all times. Stay safe.


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