Lalu Prasad Yadav launches Lalu Yadav Foundation

One of nation’s pioneer scamsters, Lalu Prasad Yadav has launched an organisation under his brand name to help emerging scamsters rise faster and continue the loot that’s on at the national and state levels in the country.

It may be remembered that Lalu was behind the infamous fodder scam which was one of the first scams that received wide spread media coverage in heydays of the print media in the country. Today, with Arnabs and Rajdeeps ruling the media space in India, no scam however large or small goes uncovered and scams have become as common as politicians introducing their feet to their salivary glands.

“I was concerned about the kind of fraudsters who are emerging these days. I mean look at these kids, they are not even able to field the media properly, let alone the judiciary. These guys just survive on anticipatory bails and when the media throws uncomfortable questions at them, they duck behind party spokespersons. This is bad for the nation. If we don’t have innovative scamsters, some normal politicians will run away with all the loot without working hard for it,”  Lalu said in an informal chat with media persons at his cowshed.    

Lalu said that his foundation will work in rural areas of the country to identify and groom future scamsters. There will even be a course on how to tackle pesky anchors like Arnab Goswami and avoiding media glare. Diggi will be one of the faculty members who will teach students how to create a ‘sustainable’ diversion from a scam.  

The foundation hopes to start functioning from mid-January, this year.


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