Isolated North Korea now showing new and unique floral and faunal diversity

Its official, enforced cultural, political and other restrictions have led to the emergence of new floral and faunal life forms in North Korea, Humor Unplugged reports from Pyongyang.

North Korea is today home to some of the most unique animal and plant life in the world, thanks to its isolation from rest of the planet. Due to over 6 decades of extreme separation, today North Korea boasts of species that are not found anywhere else in the world – not even next door neighbour South Korea. The isolation is so severe that even pollens from countries around North Korea are unable to get in.

“Take the North Korean cockroach (Cocoroachus kimjongpyjamis) for instance. It has become so distinct that it cannot breed with any other sub-species of cockroaches from anywhere else on earth. The reason is accumulation of genetic variations due to isolation of local population. This coupled with mutations has led to the creation of different species altogether. North Korea has been preventing the breeding of various species with their counterparts from outside their area of control,” said Dr Hammerschmidst, senior biologist with the Hammer Foundation.

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, meanwhile urged citizens to work harder to continue the isolation of his country. “We need to be so isolated that no North Korean will be able to bear kids outside North Korea few years from now and that is our honourably socialistic goal. By the time we fire another couple of rockets to irritate the western imperialists, I want all of you to not be able to breed outside North Korea. Together we can and we will achieve this goal,” he said.


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