Terrorists attack Peshawar airport; Rehman Malik blames Global Warming

Three civilians and five suicide attackers were killed when a group of Taliban fighters attempted to storm the airport in the North Western city of Peshawar after firing five rockets, officials said. Pakistan’s interior minister, Rehman Malik however refused to blame militants for the attack and attributed the disturbance to global warming.

Peshawar airport and runaway before the attack
“No suicide bombers were involved I can triple guarantee you that. Our understanding is that the local climate system in areas around Peshawar has changed drastically over the last few years. Changes have been observed in the amount, intensity, frequency, and type of precipitation. Widespread increases in heavy precipitation have occurred, even in places where total rain amounts have decreased and this is what led to the disturbance in Peshawar,” Rehman Malik said.

“Climate change? That man (Malik) requires urgent psychological attention. Our people attacked Peshawar airport yesterday to demonstrate our anger against the increase in user development charge imposed by airport authorities. The place doesn’t have a decent restroom and I have to constantly hit the runway whenever I have to answer a missed call from nature and they are asking me to pay Pak Rupees 800 as user development fee, what for? If they don’t withdraw the fee, more attacks will follow. We do not tolerate GMR/GVK type behaviour in this country,” said Mullah Gomar, chief spokesperson for the infrastructure wing of Taliban.

Rehman Malik, it must be remembered, had blamed the weather for the mutilation of Kargil martyr Capt Saurabh Kalia's body.  


Saru Singhal said…
LOL! Weather is responsible for his mental imbalance, I guess. And development fees is such a big nuisance, no wonder they protested. :D
:D yea well atleast they have the option of shooting rockets when they are angry...our people just fire verbal volleys and keep quiet :(

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