Man wakes up to see glittering ghost sitting beside him watching Talaash

A man watching the movie Talaash had a horrendous experience when he woke up towards the end only to find a real life talking ghost talking to him. The incident which disturbed the victim and left a deep scar on his psyche happened in a Mumbai theatre yesterday afternoon. An investigation by Mumbai police however revealed the ghost to be a human being.

Simi Garewal
The man according to sources was seated in the VIP enclosure and was so bored by the movie that he dozed off midway. When he woke up, he saw a ghost draped in white with ‘red blood soaked’ lips and stalactite and stalagmite shaped teeth saying ‘well, hello darling did you enjoy your beauty sleep’?

The man collapsed screaming 'ghost' and then rolled down the enclosure only to crash into a barrier with a loud thud. The whole thing caused a huge pandemonium and soon the theatre resembled Lok Sabha debating retail FDI. The theatre was empty in just 5 minutes and soon the cops arrived and scanned the place for clues. They didn’t find much except a white kerchief that had traces of polonium in it.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the only person using polonium in Mumbai was TV celebrity Simi Garewal. She used to apply it with huge quantities of botox as a mordent, cops were told. Later on that evening, cops confirmed that the ghost was indeed Simi Garewal who had come to watch the movie but was held up by traffic. “By the time she arrived the movie was nearing the interval. Simi decided to hang on and watch it and sat near the guy (who fainted later). The guy didn’t see her coming or sitting as he was fast asleep. When he woke up, Simi saw him and decided to wish him. As it was dark all around, the polonium she used with her makeup was glowing and since she was wearing white dress as always, the effect was simply deadly. The guy simply thought it was a ghost sitting beside him,” a source said.

The case has been closed by Mumbai police. Aamir Khan meanwhile paid a visit to the man who is recovering in his home. Khan said that he initially thought that the man had fainted seeing Kareena Kapoor's acting. Simi Garewal's sister HuJI Garewal meanwhile claimed that he sister had nothing to do with the whole episode. "She was undergoing renovation in Cairo when this incident happened. So it cannot be her," HuJI said.


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