Ghostly affairs is the new in-thing, post Talaash

Recently released paranormal thriller Talaash has led to an increase in the number of people endorsing or engaging in extra marital relationships with denizens of the spirit world. A snap poll conducted by a prominent page 3 newspaper found that the number of people involved in paranormal relationships has risen by a whopping 30 percent (year-on-year) since the release of the Aamir Khan starrer, a week ago.

Talaash seems to have sparked off a new trend
“Our snap poll conducted in 23 Indian cities found that nearly 32 percent of respondents were either in a relationship with a ghost or were open to the idea. This is as compared to just 2 percent in 2011. The release of the movie Talaash and increasing awareness of the benefits of engaging a ghostly in an out-of-this-world relationship are responsible for this increase,” said a HU source who had worked for the project in the newspaper.

Psychologists like Dr. Hammerschmidst support the notion. “The chances of someone getting caught having an inappropriate relationship with a ghost is next to zero. The risk to reward ratio is highly skewed in favour of the reward. If the movie Talaash is to be believed one can even indulge in a physically engaging and comforting relationship with a ghost and the whole idea of seducing people who thrive in a different plane seems to excite some people on earth. It is even said that former US president Bill Clinton was having a secret affair with the ghost of a former employee of the White House while he was occupying the place over a decade ago,” he said.

Dr. Hammerschmidst however asked people to be cautious when indulging in such relationships. “The last thing you want is an angry ghost that stalks you. So one needs to be extremely careful while engaging in such relationships,” he added.

A medium who didn’t want to be named said her business has increased since the release of Talaash. “Earlier I used to just have the usual bunch of people who would want to contact a loved one who has crossed over. Now I have people asking for singles looking for fulfilling relationships on the other side. I have started a dating site for people who are interested in dating ghosts and the response has been nothing less than overwhelming. I am planning to launch an app for this soon,” she told us.

The Jamat-ul-Dawa in Pakistan has meanwhile banned the movie and ghostly extra marital relationships. "I saw the movie three times. I still dont get it. I am unable to handle 3 earth bound wives and you are asking me to have an affair with a ghost? Get out before I turn this cave into your tomb," Mullah Gomar, JuD spokesperson told our Pakistan correspondent.


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