Drones pound Imran Khan’s anti-drone march

Drones belonging to the US attacked Imran Khan’s anti drone rally on Saturday evening angering the former cricketer and his three die-hard supporters in Pakistan.

Imran Khan arrives in Dera. A drone can be seen
hovering in the background
As per schedule, by evening on Saturday, the motorcade of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) had reached Dera Ismail Khan. After this, the entourage decided to halt at D. I. Khan for the night. Imran Khan soon got busy tweeting about the ‘long drive’, but was shaken by a series of loud explosions.

“What the ___________.Looks the local population is celebrating our arrival by exploding crackers. A big hi going out to all PTI supporters and well-wishers here. Inshallah, if PTI comes to power, we will capture US drones and use them to irrigate crops in the area,” Khan tweeted. At this point he was not aware that the explosions were not crackers, but US drones taking out his SuVs.

As soon as Khan was informed about the drones attacking his convoy, he changed tracks. He asked his followers to abandon the SuVs and switch to local donkeys for rest of the journey. He was also seen making obscene gestures at the drones still hovering in the area. The attack caused Khan's supporters to run like headless chickens with some even changing into jeans and 'I love New York' T-shirts and waving thier iPhones and iPads at the drones. The idea was to appear as American as possible.

“This incident is as distasteful as Inzamam bhai’s (former Pak captain Inzamam ul Haq) ability to get fellow batsmen run out in matches. We have come here in peace and to test our SuVs we have got no ill will or any desire to do anything but get some visibility for PTI,” Khan tweeted.

US army on the other hand issued a statement regretting the attack. But claimed that there was confirmed intel on two Talibani super mullahs hiding in the convoy.    


Anupam Patra said…
"...we will capture US drones and use them to irrigate crops in the area,.."

You're insanely hilarious.

Loved it.
:D thanks buddy, thanks a ton

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