Overenthusiastic PMO officials block Japanese and Israeli PMO handles on twitter

In what could have been a case of extraordinary eagerness to please the Indian PM, overenthusiastic officials in his office have made Twitter block the accounts of Israeli and Japanese PM on Twitter along with several others. The gaffe was discovered today afternoon when followers of some of these accounts in India were unable to access them.  

Japanese PMO account before and
after the account was blocked in India
On being informed about the mistake, the PMO officials brushed aside the evidence provided by us. While asking us to leave, one pan chewing official said “be as silent as our PM else we will block your twitter accounts too. The two accounts (Japanese and Israeli PM) you just referred to have content that we don’t understand and so we are assuming it is communal in nature and so we are blocking them. What will you bloggers know about national interest? We are the sole defenders of national interest in this country. We may not wear our langots outside our pants or fly around and bash villains like those superheroes you see in movies; but we aint any less important than them”.

Sustained investigation by Humor Unplugged revealed that these two weren’t the only accounts blocked. Senior CNN-IBN journalist Karmappa Jhol who had set up a twitter account to manage key projects under the handle PMO_10 was also at the receiving end of the unwelcome attention from the PMO babus. “My tweets were all about managing several projects from our Project Management Office and sharing information with my colleagues via social media. They have blocked the account and even though I am a journo I cannot do anything about this,” Jhol told Humor Unplugged.  


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