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Calvin and Hobbes on PM Manmohan Singh

Often under opposition attack for his silence, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today reacted to allegations of his involvement in the coal allocation scam with lines drawn from a Urdu poem. His exact words were "my silence is better than a thousand answers, it keeps the honour of innumerable questions intact". Someone has copied these very lines for a completely different purpose altogether...

How to prevent Mamata Banerjee from arresting you

Are you a resident of West Bengal and have spoken against CM Mamata Banerjee? Do not fret. Here is Calvin showing you the right way to issue an apology before she gets you locked. 

Overenthusiastic PMO officials block Japanese and Israeli PMO handles on twitter

In what could have been a case of extraordinary eagerness to please the Indian PM, overenthusiastic officials in his office have made Twitter block the accounts of Israeli and Japanese PM on Twitter along with several others. The gaffe was discovered today afternoon when followers of some of these accounts in India were unable to access them.  

On being informed about the mistake, the PMO officials brushed aside the evidence provided by us. While asking us to leave, one pan chewing official said “be as silent as our PM else we will block your twitter accounts too. The two accounts (Japanese and Israeli PM) you just referred to have content that we don’t understand and so we are assuming it is communal in nature and so we are blocking them. What will you bloggers know about national interest? We are the sole defenders of national interest in this country. We may not wear our langots outside our pants or fly around and bash villains like those superheroes you see in movies; but we ain…

Unique protest ends after man gets to know about ill-effects of mobile tower radiation

A unique protest in the national capital ended today after two IIT professors delivered a lecture on the harmful effects of radiation emitted by cell towers.

Delhites woke up to the news of a man who had climbed a 200-ft mobile tower to protest against social media giant Facebook forcing him to adopt its Timeline feature.  Anand Kumar, a techie with a software company in Noida, climbed the tower at Ajmeri Gate at around 1 pm today and refused to come down till late night despite appeals by police and Mahesh Bhatt.

Anand’s main grouse was that he hated timeline and didn’t want his landing page on Facebook to look like a 'wedding album’. He claimed that all this while he had avoided the featured but now Facebook was forcing users to adopt it and that was constitutionally incorrect and against his freedom of choice. He said he wanted to discuss the matter with Zukerberg and his protest will help him do that.

The 35-year-old told PTI over phone, "I want to meet Mark Zukerberg. I…

Tunnel beneath Arnab Gowswami’s house causes controversy

A neatly dug tunnel discovered beneath the home of nation’s self-appointed watchdog and anchor Arnab Gowswami caused a series of unwanted incidents in Mumbai, last week.

The tunnel was discovered when Arnab's wife Pipi Goswami on a routine stroll tripped on an old unused iPad left by Arnab on their lawn and fell into a 4-1/2 feet hole. This was the mouth of the tunnel. Pipi then got up and explored the tunnel which had an oxygen tube and provision for storing papers containing 32 questions. The tunnel led Pipi to the home of a young Times Now journo and when Pipi came out at the other end, she saw the lady basking in her lawn.

Pipi recognised her instantly and started questioning her. The journo greeted Pipi and said she had no knowledge of the tunnel and that the whole thing was quite an unpleasant surprise. Pipi however threatened to bury her in the tunnel unless she told the truth. Hearing the threat, the journo started running, scaled the boundary wall, jumped down and ran aw…

Indian Hockey team dissolved, former members to float political party soon

It seems like politics is attracting losers from all walks of life these days. The Indian Hockey team, which won the prestigious wooden spoon at the London Olympics, has become the latest addition to this list. Last Saturday, the team announced its grandiose plans of floating a national political party.

It’s not even a week since Team Anna’s agitation fizzled out without a whimper. The exit strategy deployed by Team Anna strategists was to buy time to float a political party. Following in Team Anna’s footsteps, the disgraced Indian Hockey team recently announced that the team is being dissolved and members will soon float a political party to contest the 2014 elections. As per multiple updates on the status page of the Indian hockey team, the party will contest elections in 300 Lok Sabha seats across the country and work towards improving the condition of Indian hockey from ‘within the system’.

Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged, team captain Bharat Chetri said “so far we were t…

What happens when you ask Mamata Banerjee a question?


Pak moves to get heritage tag for illegal Kashmir tunnel

In a move to prevent India from plugging the 400 mts long illegal tunnel dug by Pakistan army along the international border in Samba sector, Pakistan has asked UNESCO to declare the tunnel as a heritage site. A request to this effect was made by the Pakistani government yesterday.

In a letter to UNESCO, Pakistan has asked the UN body to prevent India from closing the tunnel. To support its claim on the heritage status, it attached clips from a news show aired by a local channel claiming that the tunnel was dug during by none other than living fossil Syed Shah Geelani along with his fellow Neanderthals 17600 years ago. “This tunnel is a piece of history and we knew about this since ages. But it looks like the Indians were not aware and are therefore creating a huge ruckus on this one. They should just chill and accept the fact that this is a historic tunnel. Geelani and his family members dug this tunnel to run away from human beings who were residing in what is now Indian Kashmir,” …