Pakistan successfully test fires new bus stop-bus stop missile

Complying with its stated mandate of test firing atleast 5 missiles every week, Pakistan today test fired the Hatf XVI (Sa ad) missile capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads, stones and rotting organic matter to a distance of upto 3 kms.

The uniqueness of this missile is that it is what Pakistan calls a ‘bus stop to bus stop” missile. It has been built on the premise that an advancing enemy will be moving across Pakistan via road and Hatf XVI can be fired towards them from the nearest bus stop. Pakistan army has already stated that it will modify all existing bus stops across Pakistan to make them support a flawless launch.

Specially trained dogs at the modified ATM
counter. Pic courtesy Pak Army
“A major additional feature of today’s test was the effective deployment of a fully automated Strategic Command and Control Support System (SCCSS).  It has enabled robust Command and Control capability of all strategic assets with round the clock situational awareness in a digitized network centric environment to decision makers at National Command Centre (NCC).  The system has the added capability of real time remote monitoring of missile flight path,” said a scientist reading out a pre-prepared statement. When asked to what he meant, he said he was too busy at this point to take up such elaborate questions.

ATM launched missiles
“Pakistan is now working towards establishing a network of ATM-based missiles across Pakistan. Which means you can walk across a nearby ATM, swipe your missile launch card, punch in the codes and a missile will be launched from that very ATM in a few seconds,” the scientist added. When asked to explain the rationale behind the concept, he said “look when the enemy marches in, our army will be busy booking their flight tickets to Saudi Arabia.  So we will need ordinary citizens to reach out and do their duty by helping launch missiles against the enemy,” he said.

He also revealed that Pakistan Army was training dogs to launch such missiles from ATMs in case people refuse to fire them.


indu chhibber said…
Ha haha ATM-based missiles take the cake,& yes missiles carrying rotten stuff-i hope they don't fire these missiles at us-why not aim them at China instead.
:D I think pakistan should be worried more about shooting the missiles at itself...considering the short range that these missiles posses...

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