Arnab Goswami makes 6-year old cry

Chintu Mukherjee had only one wish for his 6th birthday – to feature on Times Now’s popular show Newshour with uncle Arnab Goswami. But little did he know Arnab had other plans for him. Find out how Arnab made a tiny tot cry on his birthday.

According to his parents, Chintu was a big fan of Arnab. He used to stay glued to Newshour every single evening and even note down the number of times Arnab would interrupt someone from finishing their sentence. In his spare time, he would sit in front of the mirror and pretend to grill guests while twitching his soda glasses purchased from the same kirana store where Arnab got his.

Has Arnab gone too far this time?
On his birthday, Chintu only wanted one thing – to be on Newshour with his favourite news anchor. The fact that Chintu stayed in the same neighbourhood as Arnab prompted his parents to approach Arnab with a request to feature him in the show on his birthday. Arnab surprisingly agreed without any hesitation and asked Chintu’s parents to bring him to the Newshour studio by sharp 6 pm.

The show began normally with Arnab as usual getting outraged. This time because the Indian A team had skipped a practise session before a crucial match with their counterparts from Bermuda. After this Arnab showed pictures from Chintu’s birthday party and moved on to say. "Ladies and gentlemen, while we the taxpayers, we the investors and we the voters are grappling with mismanagement of government funds, recessive economy and bad governance, there are people out there who are celebrating their existence”. Chintu was stunned and so were his parents seated outside the newsroom. Arnab went on to grill little Chintu along with a bunch of seasoned commies and senile page 3 aunties who questioned his love for the nation. Fossil commie D Raja said such kids should be deported to US.

Chintu could no longer take it and burst into tears and his parents rushed in to take him out of the newsroom. Arnab who tried to resist the move was immediately slapped CID style by Chintu’s mom and then Arnab was the one who started crying and confessed that he didn’t have any sensational issue that evening and so he tried to build some excitement around a kid celebrating his birthday while the nation was in deep turmoil.      

Ministry of Women and Child development has served a 2000 page notice on Arnab asking why action shouldn't be taken against him for mentally harassing a toddler. Arnab’s wife has meanwhile moved Arnab to the doghouse on their lawn, sources said.


monalisa said…
Another good one!!! Simply loved this part "Arnab’s wife has meanwhile moved Arnab to the doghouse on their lawn."
Thanks a lot Monalisa glad you liked it... :) Arnab was trending whole day on twitter yesterday....
Tia said…
chintu!! :).... good post!
178º said…
this was hilarious. i feel bad for little chintu though.

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